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huskey3 About Us Juvenile Justice Consultant

If your agency is considering a new juvenile detention, juvenile treatment, community corrections, mental health, or adult prison facility, Huskey & Associates has the experience to assess your system needs, forecast the number and type of beds and alternative programs you will need and project the costs of future facilities and programs.
If you already know the size of your facility, Huskey & Associates can develop a pre-architectural program to guide facility design.
If you need to develop a long-range vision, strategic plan and performance measures, Huskey & Associates can facilitate visioning and strategic planning sessions with diverse groups within small and large organizations.


How Huskey & Associates Can Help You:
  • Provide an accurate assessment of your crime trends and system needs
  • Forecast your future population and bedspace needs
  • Plan and program juvenile detention and juvenile treatment facilities
  • Plan and program intermediate sanctions and boot camp facilities and programs
  • Plan and program new facilities
  • Develop strategies to improve case handling practices
  • Evaluate your programs to assess their use and effectiveness
  • Develop detention screening instruments and risk and needs protocols
  • Develop pre-architectural programs/review architectural designs
  • Develop staffing projections
  • Develop construction and operational cost projections
  • Design sound corrections programs
  • Design community corrections act legislation and policies and procedures
  • Develop performance measures and program evaluation protocols
  • Facilitate long-range visioning and strategic planning
  • Facilitate interagency agreements to enhance service collaboration
  • Assess your agency’s potential to receive alternative sources of funding

huskey3 About Us Juvenile Justice Consultant