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huskey3 Training and Technical Assistance Juvenile Justice Consultant

plan3 Training and Technical Assistance Juvenile Justice Consultant

Training and Technical Assistance
Organizational Change to

Implement Evidence-Based Practices

What does it mean to operate an evidence-based juvenile service delivery model and to facilitate “systems change”? Many departments have implemented evidence-based practices in some form but juvenile justice reform will not be advanced to a greater scale until more staff adopt evidence-based practices, adhere to these principles and collaborate with their system partners. There is a lot of research on the five Principles of Effective Intervention and the interventions that reduce reoffending. There is an emerging implementation science that is not as well known that will help juvenile agencies translate this research into daily practice.

Is your organization ready to take the next step to fully implement evidence-based practices? Huskey & Associates can help your agency advance evidence-based practices through a proven scientific and consensus-driven model. We can provide training and technical assistance on how to translate the Principles of Effective Intervention into day-to-day practice. Our training will demonstrate examples of how juvenile justice reform has been successfully implemented through collaboration with your system partners, through expediting case processing and alternatives to detention. It will engage agency staff in discussing how to prepare your staff and their agency to adopt an evidence-based juvenile service delivery model.

Evidence-based practices and programs thrive in an organizational culture that is motivated to change, that keeps staff up to date on the latest research, that taps into staff’s positive attributes and that continuously improves the fidelity and integrity of its programs and practices through data collection, monitoring and coaching. We have led organizations toward significant change in 33 States and in 81 Jurisdictions.

Huskey & Associates specializes in the following disciplines:

• Staff Training
• Organizational Development
• Visioning and Strategic Planning
• Program Evaluation
• Change Leadership
• Performance Measure Development
• Funding Strategies
• Grant Management
• Program Development

huskey3 Training and Technical Assistance Juvenile Justice Consultant