H&A Awards

huskey3 Awards Juvenile Justice Consultant

The principal of the firm, Bobbie Huskey has won the following awards:

  • E. R. Cass Award for Outstanding Contributions to Corrections by the American Correctional Association
  • President’s Award for her Contribution to the Field of Corrections by the National Association of Wardens and Superintendents

Huskey & Associates has received the following awards:

  • First LEED Platinum Ceritication (first in the nation) for Johnson County, KS Youth and family Services Center see more: First LEED Juvenile Fascility in US
  • 2012 National Citation for the Johnson County, KS Youth and Family Services Center from the Academy for Architecture for Justice
  • 2008 AIA Institute for Justice Award for the Hamilton County, IN Multipurpose Justice Center Programming
  • John J. Hill Award for Outstanding Communications Achievement in gaining broad-based public support for the Tennessee Community Corrections Act.

huskey3 Awards Juvenile Justice Consultant