Dr. Paula Tomczak has served as a Senior Research Scientist for Huskey & Associates for 10 years. Dr. Tomczak specializes in program evaluation and research in the corrections field.

Her research specialties include applied multivariate statistics, experimental research methods, statistics, sampling procedures, population projections, and population profile analysis.

As Senior Researcher, Dr. Tomczak has led prominent criminal justice research studies for 27 states, counties and tribal governments.

She is currently an Adjunct Professor at Benedictine College. Dr. Tomczak previously served on the faculty at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN where she designed and directed research projects and taught graduate and undergraduate classes. She also served as an Instructor and Research Analyst at Loyola University Chicago and as a Research Associate for the University of New Mexico. In this capacity she provided analytical and research support on large-scale research projects and studies.

Dr. Tomczak has published numerous articles in professional journals and has given numerous research papers and panel presentations at professional meetings.